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Einstein's Castle
Treehouse Home

by Shel Silverstein

A tree house.
A free house.
A secret you and me house.
A high up in the leafy branches.
A happy as can be house.
A street house.
A neat house.
A be sure to wipe your feet house,
is not the kind of house for me.
Let's go and live in a treehouse.

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* especially EINSTEIN'S CASTLE, , a tree house inspired marvel by Fine Treehouse Building

six views from the inside a few of our more exclusive client list tree houses
view 7 from inside a treehouse view 1 from inside a treehouse view 2 from inside a treehouse view 5 from inside a treehouse view 1 from inside a treehouse view 6 from inside a treehouse

Excerpts below reprinted from a recent Scientific American online magazine:

"...In the 1950s prizewinning biologist and doctor Jonas Salk was working on a cure for polio in a dark basement laboratory in Pittsburgh. Progress was slow, so to clear his head, Salk traveled to Assisi, Italy, where he spent time in a 13th-century monastery, ambling amid its columns and cloistered courtyards. Suddenly, Salk found himself awash in new insights, including the one that would lead to his successful polio vaccine. Salk was convinced he had drawn his inspiration from the contemplative setting. He came to believe so strongly Organic Tree Juice Kitchen in architecture’s ability to influence the mind that he teamed up with renowned architect Louis Kahn to build the Salk Institute in La Jolla, Calif., as a scientific facility that would stimulate breakthroughs and encourage creativity." (FTB: Treehouses can do the same for your spirit.)

"...Architects (FTB: and treehouse builders and dwellers) have long intuited that the places we inhabit can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. But now, half a century after Salk’s inspiring excursion, behavioral scien­­-tists are giving these hunches an empirical basis. They are unearthing tantalizing clues about how to design spaces that promote creativity, keep students focused and alert, and lead to relaxation and social intimacy. (FTB: Giving more credence to the Fine Treehouse Code of Intelligent Building quidelines.) Institutions such as the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture in San Diego are encouraging interdisciplinary research into how a planned ­environment influences the mind, and some architecture schools are now offering classes in introductory neuroscience..."

You can read the remainder of the article here (fee). But what it says, if I may summarize, is that:

1) A room with a view of nature promotes focus, and rests the mind. Furthermore, the more green the view, the greater the effect. “We evolved in an environment that predisposes us to function most effectively in green spaces,” says researcher Stephen Kaplan. (A well-designed treehouse will design and build by Nelson Chan, through Fine Treehouse Building often have a limb or two growing and spouting leaves inside the structure.)
2) Another finding: "students with unrestricted views of at least 50 feet outside the window, including gardens, mountains and other natural elements, had higher scores on tests of vocabulary, language arts and math than did students without such expansive vistas or with primarily urban views." (A treehouse can usually be positioned to catch the best possible view.)
3) Re: The need for natural lighting.. (A treehouse is apt to provide soft natural lighting to the occupant, enhancing the body circadian systems, with a fun interplay of sunshine and leaf shadows).
4) It's equally appropo, if the contours of the interior reflect green, organic shapes as well, and parcularly shuns sharp angular interior corners. (Hey that's a treehouse.)
SO, new science research confirms the long-standing Fine Treehouse Building premises that 1) nature abhors a rectangle and so do we:-); - 2) the tree is the ultimate architect of any treehouse project, to the good of all; 3) "don't get even, get odd"; and 4) we are happier, feel better, Bed on Roof deck of Pirate Ship think clearer. and create more easily in a tree than in a house or dorm or hotel or most any other structure, period. AND, most importantly, and this is one conclusion science hasn't drawn yet, but I'm betting will soon, which is: The common architectual over-reliance on the use of the rectangular shape, and the 90% right angle, is really square, man, and we're not kidding. Standard home building practices will make you stupid and probably sterile. Seriously, I've noticed many times how much better I felt, i.e. calmer, more peaceful, wiser even, when I was living (sleeping, working, and playing) in my "orginal treehouse" in the Berkeley HIlls, than when I lived totally inside. I still sleep outside (on a screened in porch, our dogs now claiming the treehouse) every night, it is so restful, though not as connected to the Big Wow as being in close contact with a tree, but still very nice. It's no coincidence that Buddha reached enlightment sitting under, and on the roots of, a giant tree. Try it sometime, you'll see!

all designs, text, and photos copyright 2013, 2014 by John Lionheart, Berkeley, Calif