Introduction: Recently I found this unpublished web page that I had created in 2001, buried in an old hard drive on the back porch.
I reposted it here Jan. 2009 for your amusement and appreciation, signed, John Lionheart, Berkeley, former Crucible student)

metalworker animation image of flame metalworker animation

the above animations adapted (in 2000) from original images by Jay Kravitz
used with permission

Forging Vessels Class - Winter 2000
The Crucible

Jay Kravitz Jay's creation

Artist Jay Kravitz applies the fininshing *torches*

John and Julian John's Crucible Projects
John Lionheart's erstwhile projects - see more current work in progress

Orion Fredricks, Man of Steel
Orion keeps everything running

Note: Other class members not herein pictured are welcome to submit photos, etc.,
for inclusion on this page. Email to

Photos 1,2,4,5 by John Lionheart. Photo 3 by Iolani Lenore

Layout and Design by John Lionheart

this 'Public Service Page' gratis:

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