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 Introduction to the builders Hello, I'm John Lionheart, owner of this business. Here is my official resume. I like to design and build outdoor structures and small cozy spaces. Growing up in Ohio, I was the first of eight children born to a strong and capable steel worker / carpenter father and a wonderful, loving, but over-worked mother. I would escape the crowded noisy bedlam that was our house, fleeing to the woods out back a ways to a comfortable perch in a friendly old oak tree, where I would study my school texts and read Mark Twain and other books from the library. As a result I did well in school, and was invited by the National Science Foundation to attend a summer program at Ohio State University between my junior and senior years in high school. There I learned computer programming. After high school I received a scholarship to study engineering and architecture at Ohio State. I left college after my sophomore year to help a electrical engineering firm in my hometown set up a computer department (with the main frame 200 miles away in Ann Arbor. Michigan, and data on paper tape and IBM cards).

I also became a hippie, and in summer of 1972, hitch-hiked to the first Rainbow Family summer gathering, that in Colorado, and from there on to California where I lived a year before returning to Ohio to help my father build houses. In 1984 I moved back to California, first to Berkeley, where I met my first lovely bride to be, and then to the beauty of West Marin. I got a contractor's license in 1988, and have designed and built a few useful outdoor structures over the years - with time in between: to study massage; do primal therapy; manage a spa; serve as a FEMA disaster housing inspector; build window sashes; live at Harbin; be a not so great father three times, work as a residential property insurance adjuster; do EST training, HAI workshops, and Vipassana retreats; write a book about disaster relief; move back to Berkeley; start a poetry website for homeless poets; serve as volunteer webmaster for KPFA Flashpoints Radio news for two years; and start building tree houses; all the while taking care of my youngest child for 10 years; and here we are in Crockett, waiting for the apocalypse or whatever this period of history is going to be known as... God bless us, we need to get back to nature, the planet is being destroyed in slow motion right before our eyes. I spent much of last winter at my desk, under my son's urging, designing and printing "Endangered Animal" postcards, to help publicize the horrible horrible level of destruction that the animal species of our planet are going through in this time. You can see my efforts here: http://www.PostcardsToSaveThePlanet.org (an optimistic title, I hope it helps)

And a note about my son, Julian, whom I love unconditionally. Here is his website, http://www.Zey.rocks - if you want to get on the good side of me (just kidding, you're already there, but) you still might want to visit his music page and drop a dime in the tip jar, he's an extraordinarily gifted songwriter and musician, but still could use a little silver encouragement from time to time.

And just for the record, my father and mother both passed away recently. They were fine people. My mother did really teach me how to think properly, how to reason correctly, to use the rules of logic, but also to let empathy and kindness take priority. My dad taught me to persevere and work hard, to always do my best. Their teachings were very much like the Toltec Wisdom Book, "The Four Agreements", - An Essential Guide to Personal Freedom... It is with the understanding of that philosophy that I try to live my life and conduct my affairs.

Closing Statement: I love tree houses. I love being in nature, in a forest, in a comfortable relaxing environment, which to me usually means a tree house. And I love building tree houses. I don't go in for way high in the sky, extreme treehouse type treehouses, I prefer to stick a bit closer to the ground. I've never lived in a hobbit house, but would like to. Introduction to the builders Contact me, we'll build one for you and one for me. I like being inside a structure that feels, looks, and has been organically constructed out of naturally grown non-gmo and non-toxic material, and assembled in a peaceful happy manner, by peaceful happy people, careful to sand off the pointy ends of trim pieces so to prevent splinters - this is not a guarantee you won't encounter one yourself, in an ouchy way - but i'll give you a piece of sandpaper when I'm done building, and show you how to use it. Remind me if I forget. Thanks.

Now it's Poetry Time

"Just a little tree house,
Rope ladder trailing down.
Sitting in the oak tree,
Twenty feet off the ground.

Just some old boards nailed together,
On the branches way up high.
Through all kinds of Texas weather,
Underneath the Lonestar sky.

Spending the night up in the tree,
On some old wooden boards,
Sleeping rather peacefully,
Amidst the mosquito hordes.

Sounds in the night,
Sometimes kept us awake.
Our eyes filled with fright,
As we felt the tree shake.

It's still up there, high in the tree,
Falling apart now nail, by nail.
Getting ready to crumble, down,
In a south Texas gale.

The Tree House Poem (c) 2010 Juan Olivarez.

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