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FROM: Wikipedia: A tree house, tree fort or treeshed is a platform or building constructed around, next to or among the trunk or branches of  custom entry door one or more mature trees while above ground level. Tree houses can be used for recreation, work space, habitation, and observation. FineTreehouseBuilding: We would add "rejuvination, meditation, and procreation" to the list of possible uses. And know that a true treehouse is one that is supported by and or encompasses one or more trees into its interior space, that puts the occupant in friendly contact with a living tree and the larger and older the tree the more soulful the effect. What effect is that? There is something profound about being immersed in the Make a Wish treehouse interior, painting by Tirso the Magnificant quiet flow of chi energy radiating from a living tree that brings on a peaceful, mindful state of being, that promotes holistic health and wellbeing. It is not coincidental that some of the world's foremost spiritual leaders have sought the shelter of a tree or trees to connect with their higher power: e.g. Buddha reaching enlightenment under the Bodhi tree; Jesus finding solace in the "Garden of Gethsemane", etc. Trees are sacred to most all aboriginal peoples everywhere, and for good reason.


That's a trick heading, folks. I, John Henry Lionheart, am a sole proprietor. I am licensed by the state of California to serve the citizenry as a "general contractor".  inside Einstein's Castle

Some people  Introduction to the staff make great effective bosses, but I'm not one of them. I love to design and build treehouses and other outdoor structures, but when I have employees I spend more time keeping my employees busy and filling out paperwork than enjoying the kind of thoughtful design and fun building that I want to be doing. I usually find it more economical and much less aggravating just to struggle through and design and build a structure myself. It may take a little longer. Sorry about that. Not really. Here is my official resume.


I love trees. I love treehouses. I love being in nature, in a forest, in a comfortable relaxing environment, such as can be found up in a treehouse. And I love building tree houses. I don't go in for way-high-in-the-sky, extreme treehouse type tree houses, I prefer to stick closer to the ground, safer for all concerned. And I've never lived in a hobbit house but would like to try that someday too. I did not build this hobbit house, photo links to the original design/builder Contact me, we'll design / build one for you. I like being inside a safe structure that has been organically constructed out of naturally occuring non-toxic material, and assembled in a peaceful happy manner. I'm careful to sand off the pointy ends of trim pieces so to prevent splinters - this is not a guarantee you won't encounter one yourself, in an ouchy way - but i'll give you a piece of sandpaper when we're done building, and show you how to use it. Remind me if I forget. Thanks! PS: And regarding the photo of me and me Mum up  treehouse builder's mother and muse above us (she "passed" in April, 2018), I may technically work alone, but want to write that my mother, who was my muse and number one fan, is still very much with me in spirit and she was/is an excellent designer of treehouses and other interiors, including the interiors of children's minds. Have you ever noticed that there are hundreds of exterior photos of darling tree houses on the internet, but interior photos to match are quite scarce. Not everywhere though. Check out our home page, scroll down, tell me what you see.

Design and photo credits

1) Trifold cedar door, Redwood Temple Treehouse, interior,
design and construction by John Lionheart
2) Make a Wish treehouse, Los Gatos, interior
design and construction by John Lionheart and friends
paint design and application, Tirso the Magnificent
3) Build-in desk, and round tree window, interior view
design and construction by John Lionheart
4) Original Berkeley treehouse, interior view
design and construction by John Lionheart and friends
5) Hobbit House, design and construction by DIYprojects.com
photo links to DIYprojects.com
6) photo of John Lionheart and Mother, Berkeley, circa 2005


"Just a little tree house,
Rope ladder trailing down.
Sitting in the oak tree,
Twenty feet off the ground.

Just some old boards nailed together,
On the branches way up high.
Through all kinds of Texas weather,
Underneath the Lonestar sky.

Spending the night up in the tree,
On some old wooden boards,
Sleeping rather peacefully,
Amidst the mosquito hordes.

Sounds in the night,
Sometimes kept us awake.
Our eyes filled with fright,
As we felt the tree shake.

It's still up there, high in the tree,
Falling apart now nail, by nail.
Getting ready to crumble, down,
In a south Texas gale.

The Tree House Poem (c) 2010 Juan Olivarez.

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